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3 Nutritious Benefits of Sushi

When it comes to choosing a nutritious diet, most people feel torn between what tastes good and what is good for you. Often these two do not merge. However, one tasty dish you can enjoy guilt-free is sushi. People have been enjoying sushi for thousands of years, but the first sushi restaurant in the U.S. only opened up about 50 years ago, according to Pew Research. This yummy seaweed-wrapped fish entree is packed with a ton of health benefits, tastes great, and can be found at local sushi restaurants.

If you’ve not been lucky enough to try sushi yet, it’s a catch-all term for many different types of dishes that have a few things in common. Sushi is seaweed-wrapped fish. It’s usually combined with rice or veggies and sauce or seasoning and served cold. Sushi can be eaten as a meal or as an appetizer. Let’s look at a few of the benefits of sushi.

1. Help Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation affects people in many different ways. It can be caused by a few factors such as age, stress, and even a poor diet. One thing that can help fight inflammation in the body is Omega 3 fatty acids. Sushi is filled with this important nutrient and some of the sauces used in sushi restaurants, such as Wasabi, also have anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Help Prevent Diseases

The anti-inflammatory properties of sushi can help contribute to disease prevention. Many ingredients in sushi help maintain long-term health as well. Ginger is a common sushi ingredient that can help protect against respiratory viruses. Other ingredients commonly found in sushi may help to fight heart disease and stroke.

3. Help Prevent Heavy Metal Poisoning

Seaweed, a main ingredient of sushi, can help remove heavy metals from the body. Substances such as radioactive strontium can be removed this way. Heavy metals can affect your body in many ways. It can impede your body’s ability to function properly and can damage your cardiovascular system.

These were just a few of the many health benefits of eating sushi. If you’re looking for a delicious sushi spot to enjoy with friends and family, stop by Seaweed in Glendale, CA. We have a variety of signature handrolls for you to enjoy!