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3 Things to Look for in a Quality Sushi Restaurant

You love sushi and are always on the hunt for the best sushi restaurants in town. But with so many options, how do you know which sushi restaurants truly offer a quality dining experience? Use this guide on what to look for when choosing a top-notch sushi restaurant.

1. The Fish is Served Fresh

The key to incredible sushi is access to fresh, high-quality fish. When you walk into a sushi restaurant, your first move should be checking out the seafood on display. Red tuna should have vibrant ruby tones, and thick, creamy slices. Fish like salmon and yellowtail should look glossy and firm. Shellfish like shrimp and lobster should be lively and not dull or limp. If the seafood looks lackluster, that’s a red flag the restaurant doesn’t prioritize fresh ingredients. The best sushi restaurants have fish flown in daily and proudly display their wares upfront.

2. The Rice is Sticky and Sweet

Great sushi starts with perfect rice. Take a bite and taste. The rice should be slightly sweet and sticky, but not gummy or mushy. It should be seasoned well with just the right balance of vinegar and sugar. If the rice is bland or falls apart, that’s another warning sign to exit stage left. Master sushi chefs know getting the rice right is critical.

3. The Atmosphere Sets the Mood

Beyond food, the right ambiance elevates everything. Top sushi restaurants pay attention to sensory details. Look for elegant, minimalist Japanese-inspired decor. Check if there is a lively sushi counter where you can watch chefs prepare your food. See if they play traditional Japanese music, which enhances the dining experience. The little touches show the restaurant cares about providing an authentic vibe.

There are many sushi restaurants out there. According to IBIS World, in 2022, the market size of the sushi restaurant industry was $26.6 billion. Out of the thousands of restaurants, Seaweed guarantees the high quality of their food. From incredibly fresh sushi-grade seafood to perfectly cooked rice to zen decor, keep these tips in mind. Then you’ll be able to discover the truly standout sushi restaurants in your neighborhood that offer exceptional quality every time. Just follow your senses to sushi success. If you’re looking for a delicious sushi meal, visit our restaurant today!