Best Sushi Near La Canada

If you love exotic flavors, Seaweed Hand Roll Bar offers an extensive menu of classic Japanese-inspired sushi and other delectables where time-honored ingredients and age-old preparations distinguish our sushi from others – it’s all about the flavors, the colors, the textures, and the artful displays that separate ‘good’ sushi from the ‘best’.  We like to believe we offer the best sushi near La Canada, and to be honest, many of our La Canada customers would agree with that assessment.


At Seaweed Hand Roll Bar, we have redefined the standard of sushi dining by ensuring our guests enjoy our commitment to ‘omotenashi’ hospitality – a genuine welcoming ambiance woven into the fabric of Japanese culture – while ensuring our patrons relish the culture of our cuisine that revolves around our Nigiri, Hand Rolls, Robatayaki selections and much more.


In addition to our Signature Hand Rolls, Nigiri, and Specialty Sashimi, our La Canada patrons savor our ‘Starters’ selection including Shishito Peppers, Octopus Shooters, Tuna Ribs, Glazed Crispy Shrimp and more.  Our menu selection is diverse and our flavors are mesmerizing.


Every dining experience at Seaweed becomes an incomparable one.  If you desire the best sushi near La Canada, our chefs, our food, our atmosphere, and our hospitality all combine to create the culture and cuisine that, so famously, embodies the spirit of Japan.

Seaweed Handroll Bar

As a date-night retreat or for a robust night out with family or friends, Seaweed Hand Roll Bar is very near your La Canada location, and we look forward to welcoming you!


The Best Sushi Near La Canada is Right Here

There are a few key reasons why our patrons consider our sushi to be the best, anywhere:

We use the freshest ingredients – Freshness is a key factor, and our fish is always incredibly fresh, and our vinegared rice is made with specially selected water to generate the perfect taste and texture.


Our sushi chefs are the best – They are seasoned culinary artists who create rolls and other Japanese-inspired food preparations with meticulous attention and beautiful detailing – whether simple or elaborately ornate.


We take our sushi creations very seriously – Like pizza in Italy, our sushi is considered an art form where the authenticity of our seasonings and preparation generates the distinction between standard sushi and the best sushi – anywhere!


The cuts make the difference – Different parts of the same fish can be fattier and offer varying flavors.  The thickness of the fish and the temperature of the fish contribute, immensely, to the overall flavor sensation.


The rice must be perfect – Our rice offers an impeccable consistency – firm, but not too dense.  The seasoning of rice, including its acidity, must be a perfected creation, unto itself, to ensure flawless flavor.


Our Colorful Menu – Get Ready for ‘YUM’!

Our varied sushi options incorporate the freshest, finest ingredients – it’s all about the very best sushi that offers the very best flavors!

Get ready to try our:

Hand Rolls – a sushi sensation crafted with an outer covering of paper-thin sheets of nori (a type of seaweed) in the distinctive shape of a cone.  The ingredients, purposefully, spill out from the open end – meant to be hand-held and eagerly enjoyed!

Cut Rolls – a go-to sushi classic our La Canada customers continually request.  We offer an array of sumptuous varieties – from cut rolls veggie-style as well as spicy tuna, blue crab, lemon salmon, spicy scallops, and so much more!

Nigiri – a form of sushi that incorporates a thinly-sliced drapery of raw seafood served over a mound of hand-pressed sweet-and-salty vinegared rice with no extra ingredients included – such as cucumbers or avocados, etc.  Nigiri offers an absolutely delightful taste-sensation.

Sashimi – a specialty at Seaweed which offers delicately-sliced raw fish.  Sashimi is not, technically, a form of sushi since no rice is used to enhance the incredible flavor of the fish.  The intricately-prepared meat requires no flavor enhancements.


Catering, Reservations, and Ordering-To-Go

Catering – When our La Canada guests plan any type of special event, it’s time to celebrate with a smorgasbord of diverse food selections, including the best sushi in town!  At Seaweed, we offer catering services for all occasions.  For catering inquiries, simply fill out our brief information form and, within seconds, your request will be received.  We will respond, promptly!

Reservations – For secure and instantly-confirmed online reservations for a ‘sushi night out’, get ready for ease and efficiency!  Your reservation date, time, number of guests, and special requests can be designated with a few quick clicks!  Our sushi restaurant is open Tuesdays through Sundays.

Order to Go – Our La Canada patrons can take advantage of the efficiency and convenience of Uber Eats for delivery.  You can order via Uber Eats on their app or order online using the Uber Eats website.  Visit our online page at any time for pick up or delivery or just give our team a call!

From our appetizers to our sushi to our robatayaki delights, Seaweed offers the best sushi near La Canada or anywhere else!


Connect with Seaweed for Lunch or Dinner

Sushi lovers in or near La Canada, can:


  • Call (818) 484-8841 for immediate assistance with reservations, pick up, or delivery services
  • Discover more at SeaweedHandrollBar.com
  • Contact us at any time, with any inquiries – we will, promptly, respond
  • Savor the flavors at 318 N Brand Blvd.~Glendale, CA 91203
  • Give the gift of sushi goodness – ask about our sushi-bar gift cards
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