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One can find anything one desires on the internet, and locating the best sushi bar near La Canada is no exception – welcome to Seaweed Hand Roll Bar!  If you searched for ‘sushi bar near me near La Canada’, you can put an end to your search and sit back and relax and know that ‘all things sushi’ is just minutes away from your La Canada residence.


There are a lot of fish in the sea, but we are extremely picky about which fish we select since only the finest and the freshest will do.  Our fish is precision-cut into little pieces of fishy heaven for those who have come to know and love this Japanese delicacy that becomes a melt-in-your-mouth taste sensation.


Our sushi bar chefs work their magic for every new and repeat patron from La Canada to Burbank to Pasadena as well as guests from around the world.  The creativity of our chefs is reflected in the eye-candy aesthetics our sushi dishes display for connoisseurs of sushi as well as for those who are just beginning to explore the exquisite cultural flavorings of the Far East.


Whether you desire to come solo, or with your family, or enjoy lunch or dinner with some great friends and great food, our sushi bar offers it all!  Our hospitality is unrivaled.  Our ambiance is authentic, intimate, cozy, refined, and relaxed.  Our staff members qualify as sushi prodigies, and our sushi bar favorites are waiting for you.  If you desire, we can have your menu selection waiting as a pick up order and we offer delivery services, as well!

Seaweed Handroll Bar

And let’s not overlook our Robatayaki grill, where our guests savor our Shiitake Mushrooms, Black Cod, Lollipop Lamb Chops and, oh, so much more!  Our sushi bar is the perfect venue for anniversaries, birthdays, first dates, job promotions, graduation celebrations, or ‘just because’!  At Seaweed, our passion is to source high-quality ingredients to ensure perfect flavors and textures combine to turn every La Canada patron into one who will, eagerly, come back for more!

Our Sushi Bar Menu – Come Savor the Flavors

When it’s time to ‘eat – drink – visit – and be merry’, our varied sushi options and non-sushi selections become center stage.  Your appetite will surrender to our menu’s deliciously-diverse options.  A few of our samplings include:

Hand Rolls – a sushi sensation crafted with an outer covering of paper-thin sheets of nori (a type of seaweed) in the distinctive shape of a cone.  The ingredients, playfully, spill out from the open end – meant to be hand-held and eagerly enjoyed!


Cut Rolls – a go-to sushi classic our La Canada customers continually crave.  We offer a plethora of delicious varieties including our cut rolls veggie-style, spicy tuna, blue crab, lemon salmon, spicy scallops, and so much more!


Nigiri – a form of sushi that incorporates a thinly-sliced drapery of raw seafood served over a mound of hand-pressed sweet-and-salty vinegared rice with no extra ingredients included, such as cucumbers or avocados, etc.  Nigiri offers exquisite flavor.


Sashimi – a specialty at our sushi bar which incorporates delicately-sliced raw fish.  Sashimi is not, technically, a form of sushi since no rice is used to enhance the incredible flavor of the fish which is intricately prepared, requiring no flavorful enhancements.


In a Time Crunch?  We Offer Catering/Reservations/Ordering To-Go

Catering – When our La Canada patrons plan any type of special event, it’s time to celebrate with a smorgasbord of diverse food selections, including Seaweed’s sushi!  Our sushi bar offers catering for all occasions.  For catering inquiries, simply fill out our brief information form and, within seconds, your request will be received.  We will respond, promptly!


Reservations – For instantly-confirmed online reservations for a ‘sushi night out’, get ready for ease at your fingertips.  Your reservation date, time, number of guests, and special requests can be designated with a few quick clicks!  Our sushi bar is open Tuesdays through Sundays.


Order To Go – Our La Canada patrons love the efficiency and convenience of Uber Eats for delivery.  Your Uber Eats delivery can be done through their app or through the Uber Eats’ website.  Visit our online page for pick up or delivery or just give our team a call!


From our Spicy Scallop Hand Rolls to our Alaskan King Crab nigiri to our Octopus sashimi, it’s all about catering to our La Canada patrons who make Seaweed Hand Roll Bar their go-to happy place!


Connect with Seaweed – The Best Sushi Bar, Near or Far

Sushi lovers in or near La Canada can:

  • Call (818) 484-8841 for immediate assistance with reservations, pick up, or delivery services
  • Contact us at any time, with any inquiries
  • Discover more at SeaweedHandrollBar.com
  • Savor the flavors at 318 N Brand Blvd.~Glendale, CA 91203
  • Give the gift of really good sushi – ask about our sushi-bar gift cards
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