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Enjoying sushi, in and of itself, is a journey where fish and rice make everything nice!  But enjoying sushi at Seaweed Hand Roll Bar in Glendale means you and your ‘soy mate’ are just minutes away from sushi options that are divine and diverse!  If you searched online for ‘sushi nearby near Burbank’, you hit the jackpot since your Burbank location and our location are only minutes apart!


There are thousands of sushi restaurants in the US, but there is only one sushi restaurant nearby, near Burbank, where you can immerse yourself in an upbeat, yet relaxed, atmosphere where ‘all things sushi and more’ make up our menu and our décor!  Our team, at 318 North Brand Blvd, invites you and yours to relinquish your stresses and cares and surrender them to a journey in aromas, sizzles, and taste sensations you will long remember!


You might desire a quiet table for two for a delightful and romantic dinner – we’ll make you feel right at home!  Or, you may choose to ‘belly up to the bar’ with friends or family and enjoy our Robatayaki grill cooking where our culinary artists perform their magic.  From Far-East inspired dishes that include ChickenYakitori, Shiitake Mushrooms, Lollipop Lamb Chops, and other yummies, the panoramic view of every precise step of preparation is on full display.


In order to ensure the most flavorful dining experiences, our chefs know that the preparations are just as important as the ingredients.  Their skill and their artistry captivate our patrons, every time!

Seaweed Handroll Bar

Our Menu – Get Ready to Conquer Your Cravings!

Trying to select a favorite sushi or non-sushi option can be difficult due to so many tantalizing flavors. But no matter which selections our Burbank patrons choose, ‘delicious’ is always the operative word.

Our guests, from Burbank to Glendale to Pasadena as well as those from across the globe, savor our:

Hand Rolls – a sushi favorite crafted with an outer covering of paper-thin sheets of nori (a type of seaweed) in the distinctive shape of a cone.  The ingredients, playfully, spill out from the open end – a carefully-crafted creation meant to be hand-held and eaten with gusto!


Cut Rolls – a go-to sushi classic our Burbank guests relish.  We offer an array of delicious varieties – from cut-roll veggie-style as well as spicy tuna, blue crab, lemon salmon, spicy scallops, and so much more!


Nigiri – a form of sushi that incorporates a thinly-sliced drapery of raw seafood served over a mound of hand-pressed sweet-and-salty vinegared rice with no extra ingredients added, such as cucumbers or avocados, for example.  Our nigiri selections are so, so good!


Sashimi – a specialty of ours which incorporates succulent, delicately-sliced raw fish.  Sashimi is not a true form of sushi since no rice is used to enhance the incredible flavor of the fish.  This deliciously-prepared seafood is scrumptious enough to stand on its own.


Whether our Burbank patrons are planning a business luncheon, an engagement dinner, a birthday celebration, or a gathering of close friends, lunch and dinner experiences at Seaweed keep sushi lovers coming back for more!


Catering, Reservations & Ordering To-Go – Time to Simplify!

Catering – When families and businesses plan corporate functions, graduations, holiday parties, and other special events, it’s time to celebrate with a varied array of fabulous food items, including a stunning sushi display!  At Seaweed, we offer catering services for all occasions.


For catering inquiries, simply fill out our brief information form and, within seconds, your request will be received.  We will respond, promptly!


Reservations – For instantly-confirmed online reservations for a ‘sushi-night-out’, it doesn’t get any easier than this!  Your reservation date, time, number of guests, and special requests can be secured with a few quick clicks!  Seaweed is open Tuesdays through Sundays.


Order to Go – Our Burbank patrons appreciate the ease and convenience of our order-to-go and delivery options.  We partner with Uber Eats for reliable, efficient service.  Place an order via the Uber Eats app or through their online website.  At any time, give us a call to place an order online for pick up or delivery.


Connect with Seaweed – Where Sushi is Simply Sensational

Sushi lovers in or near Burbank can:

  • Call (818) 484-8841 for immediate assistance with reservations, pick up, or delivery services
  • Contact us at any time, with any inquiries
  • Discover more at SeaweedHandrollBar.com
  • Savor the flavors at 318 N Brand Blvd.~Glendale, CA 91203
  • Give the gift of really good sushi – ask about our sushi-bar gift cards
  • Follow us on Yelp and Instagram

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