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You did an online search for sushi places near me in Glendale, and your efforts have paid off!  Inspired by traditional time-honored Japanese cuisine, Seaweed Hand Roll Bar in Glendale offers its patrons a completely unique, fun, entertaining, and delectable dining experience.  There are any number of sushi places to select, but our patrons come back to Seaweed, time and time again, for good reason.

Each sushi selection our skilled chefs prepare, represents a culinary journey, and each one excites the senses – the sights, the sounds, the aromas, and the tastes that are unmistakably ancient indulgences.  Our Glendale patrons appreciate our sushi for the robust flavors, remarkable textures, and artful aesthetics, but equally noteworthy are the steps involved with crafting this world-treasured delicacy.

From perfecting the sushi rice to the final garnishing touches, the myriad of steps require skilled hands and the utmost finesse.  Our meticulously-prepared dishes offer something for everyone!  Whether you join us at our Glendale location or choose to dine at home or are planning a catered event, you will savor our sushi cuisine, firmly-rooted in ancient forms or preparation and tradition.

Though sushi places abound, one of the things our Glendale patrons love about Seaweed is the Robatayaki –fireside cooking over hot Robata charcoal (odorless and possessing unique properties of purity) – using a wide, flat, open fireplace where you and your party can savor a full-view of slow-grill food preparation.

Whether you order Shiitake Mushroom, Black Cod, our Lollipop Lamb Chop, or one or more of our Robatayaki classics, prepare your palate for taste sensations that are juicy and delicious where the grill enhances the natural flavors of the food.

Come Savor Our Enticing Menu

Seaweed’s sushi chefs create their culinary masterpieces with honed skill and grace.  Preparing sushi is truly masterful precision where expertise with consistency, form, blended ingredients, and artistry combine to present our varied sushi options.

The quality of our ingredients is renowned throughout Glendale and places beyond.  Some of our culinary creations include:

Hand Rolls – a sushi sensation crafted with an outer covering of paper-thin sheets of nori (a type of seaweed) in the distinctive shape of a cone.  The ingredients, beautifully, spill out from the open end – meant to be hand-held and eaten with passion and enthusiasm!

Cut Rolls – a time-honored Japanese classic sushi restaurants offer everywhere, and our Glendale customers savor the way we make ours.  We offer a plethora of mouth-watering varieties – from cut rolls veggie-style as well as spicy tuna, blue crab, lemon salmon, spicy scallops, and so much more!

Nigiri – a form of sushi that incorporates a thinly-sliced drapery of raw seafood served over a mound of hand-pressed sweet and salty vinegared rice with no extra ingredients added, such as cucumbers or avocados, for example.  Our nigiri dishes are known for their remarkable flavor.

Sashimi – a specialty at Seaweed which embodies succulent, precision-sliced raw fish.  Sashimi is not a true form of sushi since no rice is used to enhance the amazing flavor of the meat which is exquisitely-delicious enough to stand on its own.

There might be a multitude of sushi restaurants near you, but there is only one Seaweed Hand Roll Bar that offers our caliber of unsurpassed quality, authentic flavor, and genuine hospitality!


Catering, Reservations, and Ordering to Go

Catering – When our Glendale patrons plan corporate events, graduations, holiday parties, and other special events, it’s time to celebrate with an eclectic array of fabulous food items, including our sushi!  Our catering services are perfect for all occasions, formal and informal.  For catering inquiries, simply fill out our brief information form, and within seconds your request will be received.  We will respond, promptly!

Reservations – If you desire secure and instantly-confirmed online reservations for a ‘sushi-night-out’, it doesn’t get any easier than this!  Your reservation date, time, and number of guests can be designated with a few quick clicks.  We are open Tuesdays through Sundays.

Order to Go – Our Glendale patrons appreciate our Order-To-Go options which include GrubHub, DoorDash, Uber Eats and ChowNow.  Give us a call or place an order online for pick up or delivery.

From our appetizers to our sushi to our Robatayaki delicacies, your palette will be pampered at Glendale’s one and only Seaweed sushi-bar restaurant.

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