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Any dining experience at Seaweed Hand Roll Bar in Glendale is, always, one to remember.  Our Glendale patrons come to enjoy the cozy, upbeat, ambiance of our sushi restaurant, but there are times when many of our patrons opt for our sushi to-go options.

It could be sushi for lunch at the office or sushi for dinner at home – either way, the convenience of a pick-up order or a delivery is the perfect answer to getting more done at work or enjoying the quietude of home after a busy day.

Our sushi restaurant partners with GrubHub, DoorDash, Uber Eats, and ChowNow for delivery to your home or office.  Placing an order, securely, online for lunch or dinner is quick, easy, and wonderfully convenient!

Call our restaurant at (818) 484-8841 and enjoy your sushi to-go, always available to accommodate busy schedules.  Whether you dine in, pick up your sushi to-go order, or take advantage of delivery options, one thing remains constant – savoring the flavors!

Sushi To-Go and More To-Go

If you are craving sushi but would like to try our other to-go items, inquire about our Robatayaki cooking.  This is where our dining-in customers enjoy a full view of open-grill food preparation – from Shiitake Mushroom to Black Cod to our Lollipop Lamb Chop, and more.

Our delicious Robatayaki food items are mouth-watering and incredibly flavorful and can be delivered to the location of your choice or readied for pick up just like our sushi to-go orders – it’s all about convenience that caters to your needs.

Our varied sushi options are renowned throughout Glendale and beyond.  Our culinary creations include only the freshest ingredients.  Get ready to feast your eyes on our:

Hand Rolls To-Go – a sushi sensation crafted with an outer covering of paper-thin sheets of nori (a type of seaweed) in the distinctive shape of a cone.  The ingredients, aesthetically, spill out from the open end – a creation meant to be hand-held and relished with gusto!

Cut Rolls To-Go – a sushi classic our Glendale customers love.  Choose from a myriad of mouth-watering varieties – from cut-roll veggie-style, spicy tuna, blue crab, lemon salmon, spicy scallops, and so much more!

Nigiri To-Go– a form of sushi that incorporates a thinly-sliced drapery of raw seafood served over a mound of hand-pressed sweet-and-salty vinegared rice with no extra ingredients added, such as cucumbers or avocados, for example.  Our nigiri selections offer a superb taste sensation!

Sashimi To-Go – a specialty at Seaweed which incorporates succulent, delicately-sliced raw fish.  Sashimi is not a true sushi since no rice is used to enhance the incredible flavor of the fish.  This elaborately-prepared seafood is scrumptious enough to stand on its own.

For whatever occasion – a business lunch, a conference meeting, a quiet stay-at-home evening with family, or a party with friends – our sushi to-to and other to-go options mean you can relax while we strive to exceed our Glendale patrons’ expectations for freshness, quality, and flavor.


Enjoy Our Catering and Reservation Services

Catering – When our Glendale patrons plan corporate functions, graduations, holiday parties and other special events, it’s time to celebrate with an eclectic array of fabulous food items, including sushi!  At Seaweed, we offer catering services for all occasions.

For catering inquiries, simply fill out our brief information form and, within seconds, your request will be received.  We will respond, promptly!

Reservations – Free, secure, and instantly-confirmed online reservations combine ease and convenience for a ‘sushi-night-out’.  Your reservation date, time, and number of guests can be designated with a few quick clicks!  Our sushi restaurant is open Tuesdays through Sundays.

Orders To Go – As mentioned, our Order-To-Go options include GrubHub, DoorDash, Uber Eats and ChowNow.  Call our restaurant or place an order online for pick up or delivery.

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