The History of Sushi

Sushi – it’s one of the most popular foods around the world these days. But where did it originally come from? Let’s take a quick walk through the history of this tasty Japanese delicacy.

Old-School Sushi

Way back when, sushi started as a way to preserve fish in Southeast Asia. People would wrap salted, fermented fish in rice. This was called narezushi, and it eventually made its way over to Japan around the 8th century AD. At the time, sushi wasn’t eaten in cute little rolls and bites. It was more like a fish dish with rice on the side. In the early 1800s, a chef named Hanaya Yohei totally flipped the sushi script. He started making sushi to be eaten fresh, not fermented for months. This was fast food, Tokyo-style. He shaped rice by hand, topped it with slices of raw fish, and bam – people went nuts for it. This new fusion was mega popular and helped sushi spread all over Japan.

Modern Sushi Vibes

In the late 1800s, sushi evolved into a snack-sized appetizer. A chef named Matsumoto Yoshiichi started the trend of bite-sized sushi made with vinegar-seasoned rice and nori seaweed wraps. This was closer to the hand rolls we know and love today. The 1960s saw even more sushi creativity explode, like the invention of the California roll. Japanese chef Ichiro Mashita came up with this inside-out roll for American tastebuds, filled with avocado and crab meat. This opened the door for lots of creative, non-traditional fusion rolls.

Sushi Goes Global

Nowadays, sushi is a straight-up global sensation. It’s expanded way beyond its Japanese origins to a multi-billion dollar industry with restaurants on every corner. So what gives sushi its international appeal? For one thing, it’s got a healthy rep with a nice combo of rice, seafood, and veggies. You can chow down on sushi and feel good about it. Sushi also delivers major tasty flavors in bite-sized packages. And creative chefs are taking sushi way beyond the classics. New types of rolls, international fusions, and visual masterpieces keep sushi exciting.

According to Traveler’s Universe, it was around 1824 that modern sushi was invented in Tokyo. Sushi has taken a long journey from ancient Asia to become the global phenomenon it is today. If learning about the history of sushi has caused you to become hungry, we invite you to indulge in this delicious meal at our restaurant. Visit us at Seaweed today.